Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday, Home Tour

Hi friends!  Today is another linky party link-up with Andrea at Momfessionals!  Every other Tuesday she hosts a Show & Tell party and this week it is the home edition!  So here we go!
  A little background on our house.  Our house is two years old.  We bought the house October 2012, they started building in January 2013, and we moved in June 2013 right after school got out and right before summer school started.  When we moved in, I was DETERMINED to host a July Fourth party, which was two weeks away, so the house got unpacked in record time by me!  Our house is a 3bed, 2.5 bath with an unfinished basement that is capable of having another bedroom and bathroom.  The basement is on our to-do list down the road!

I did not clean up for this photo shoot so baby stuff is out, there are some hair balls rolling around, and dishes on the counter.  Sorry!

Welcome to our house!

The view when you walk in the door.

To the right is the office/man cave that I painted last summer.  Right now the room is filled with some of my school stuff and Ben's desk #nerdstatus

Continuing on down the hall.  Ben is going to build me some cubbies to go on the left here where the hallway table is right now.

This little hall is on the right after the office.  It has the coat closet and the powder room.

Powder room.  I painted it last summer and looks much better in person.  I don't know why the camera made all the white things look pink.

Still going down the hall.  Garage doorway on the left, basement doorway (not pictured) on the right next to the staircase.

The stairs into the staircase...it's unfinished so I didn't bother taking any pictures.

And here is our dining room! (or the nook as the house plans call it).  Right now the table is used as a changing area and a feeding area.

To the right of the nook is our kitchen, which I love!

My huge pantry!  I had either no pantry or a teeny tiny pantry in our previous apartments so I was excited to move into this one!

Other side of the kitchen...I am in love with my double ovens.

To the left of our nook is the family room.  We painted it last May.

Right now the family room is overrun with baby stuff! Can you spot any babies?

Natalie is part of my family room decor.

Noelle was passed out on the mat.

Another view of the house.  You can see that it is an open concept house.

Our anniversary gift to each other last year.  We love our entertainment center.

Up the stairs we go!

Wouldn't these walls be great for a gallery wall?  I hope to fill the walls with different photos and pictures throughout the years.

At the top of the stairs is a linen closet.  To the right is the door to our bedroom and to the left is the hallway to the other two bedrooms, laundry room, and bathroom.
Filled with stuff.
This is the first bedroom you come to and right now it is our dumping grounds for everything baby.  Too small clothes, toys that they're not big enough for yet, things they've started to grow out of.  One day I will get to cleaning this out! Maybe next summer...

You can see we haven't hung anything up yet.  We are trying to decide what color to paint the rest of the downstairs and want to paint before hanging anything.

Sidebar here...look at this little preemie sleeper?! My babies used to be this tiny! I used my arm as a reference...it didn't even reach my elbow.  I kept one sleeper for each girl's box so I can remember and they can see how tiny they were when they came home.

More of the hallway...straight ahead is our laundry room.  I LOVE having the laundry room on the second floor!

I painted the laundry room last summer (I did a lot of painting apparently)  and wanted to do a fun, bright color because 1)laundry is boring so a fun color makes it more fun, right (not really) and 2) no one ever sees the laundry room so who cares what color it is.  Ben calls it the Barney room after the big purple dinosaur.

We added the second shelf since I couldn't reach the top shelf at all and wanted something closer to the ground so I could reach.  Ben also built the shelf that's on top of the washer and dryer so I could put laundry on there without it falling between the machines.

One of my favorite rooms...the girls' nursery! We painted this over Thanksgiving break and thanks to my engineering husband, we have SUPER straight lines.  I held the laser to make the line while he measured, taped, painted, and leveled each one.  He got mad if I accidentally moved the laser haha!

Our super comfy chair that we like to nap in and read stories in!

"We made a wish and two came true." (a gift from my inlaws)

Noelle's crib

Natalie's crib.  The three walls are a lighter shade of purple, almost a lavender.  Not quite as grey as this picture looks.  I wanted both cribs on the striped wall but that presented a host of safety issues.  One crib was too close to the window, the other was too close to the dresser for them to climb on, one was near the outlet that was connected to the light switch, etc.  So we moved them to where they are now and it seems to work for the time being.  Their fabric name banners is from a cute shop on Etsy that I found.

The right side of their closet with their clothes up to 2T.

The left side of the closet with their current clothes and their bedroom library.

Next to the girls' room is the bathroom.  It's a pretty basic bathroom.

I'm sure we will make this cute and girly when they get older.

And on to our bedroom!  We have a pretty nice sized bedroom and this is also on our list to paint.  We don't really have anything special in here other than the furniture.  Ben did install the fan last year but that's all we've done so far.  We are also not bedmakers (sorry mom!) so excuse the unmade bed.

I quickly threw the covers up so Riley could model the bed for you. 

As I was typing up this post I realized that I forgot to take pictures of our master bathroom and the closet...and I was too tired to go take them so we will do a little imagining!  Go ahead and close your eyes...well, keep one eye open so you can keep reading...imagine you walked into our bedroom and there is a door on the left.  When you open it, you see our roomy shower on the right, followed by the tub.  Perpendicular to the tub is our double sinks with a black and brown swirled marble top that Ben picked out, with dark brown cabinets (same in our kitchen).  Across from the sinks is the toilet in it's own little room.  There is also a door to the walk in closet which only has the wire shelf in there so in the future are plans to put in closet organizers.

So there's our house!  We love it and think it's perfect for our family.  We have some short-term projects that we want to accomplish soon, like painting, hanging pictures, putting up curtains, and some longer-term projects, like the basement, putting a deck on, etc.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at our home!


  1. What an adorable little nursery!

  2. Love your house tour! The girls nursery is darling!

  3. I love the nursery! I'm amazed that with twins you can find time to paint let alone do anything else! Well done.

    1. Thanks! Haha, we were able to finish the nursery before the girls came, otherwise it would've never gotten done!