Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beach Trip #2

The day after we got back from Tampa, the girls and I headed to the beach to visit my parents!  Ocean City is our favorite beach.  I grew up going to this beach and so did my dad so our family has been going for many many years.  My parents were down there this week for vacation and asked us to come visit! We went down on Monday and came back today.  On the way down Monday, we stopped at my cousin's house for a few hours to visit with her and her two month old baby.  He fell asleep shortly after we arrived so I didn't get any pictures of the cousins together.

Basically all we did at the beach was eat, sleep on the beach, and relax!  I was also able to get some reading in...what's better than reading with one hand while holding a sleeping baby in the other?!  Nothing!  I have a Kindle, which I LOVE, and it made reading with one hand even easier.  No pages to turn.

Natalie snoozing away

Noelle and Grammy

Aren't these hats adorable?!  We've had them since April I think and they finally fit their heads.

Natalie practiced her sitting up!

Both girls sitting!

Working on sitting and smiling at the same time.

And the dominos start to fall...



Natalie trying out the sand.


Me and my cuties!

This view never gets old.

Excited for dinner!

Dinner with a view

Assawoman joke!

Noelle & Natalie

More naps on the beach.

Stylin' in our shades (Noelle)

Such happy babies! (Natalie)

Back home!  We tried peas for the first time and liked them!  This is Noelle.

And Natalie!

Come back tomorrow for my Friday Favorites!

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