Monday, July 13, 2015

Beach Trip Day 3&4

Let's take it back to the beach for days 3 & 4!  Day three was Fourth of July, which I love to celebrate!  I am a sucker for celebrating things, especially if I can dress to match!  And now I have two more people to dress for celebrations! 

The day was kind of cloudy and gloomy so we never made it out to the beach.  Instead, my parents watched the girls while Ben, my brother Derrike, his girlfriend Cara, and I went to play mini golf.  We found a course that wasn't too crowded and while we were getting our balls and clubs, we heard someone say Ben's name.  We kind of ignored it, thinking that it was a parent talking to their kid but it wasn't a parent, it was one of Ben's oldest friends, Theo.  Theo lives in Delaware so we never get to see him and what are the odds that we ran into him at the beach on Fourth of July weekend at one of the many mini golf courses?  We made brunch plans for the next day and proceeded on to our game.  Ben ended up winning with Derrike in second, me in third, and Cara in fourth.  I did get three hole-in-ones though!  Ben got four but we can ignore that part. After mini golf, we went back to the condo to shower and get dressed for our family picture.  My mom wanted a family picture for her birthday since we were all together so we got spruced up and headed down to the beach.  My cousin took the picture for us and I think it came out pretty well!  After the picture we went up to my family's condo for some Fourth of July barbeque food and later went out on the beach to watch people set off fireworks.  It was a nice, low-key Independence Day!

Natalie and Uncle Derrike

Natalie and Grammy

Cousin Harry with his favorite girls!

My boy, Oakley!

Love these two...outfits courtesy of their great-grandmother!


Harry and Natalie

Grammy and Noelle

Sunday was a typical beach day.  Ben and I started the day with brunch with Theo and his girlfriend.  Then Mom and I went on the beach with the babies while Ben and my dad went golfing (real golfing, not mini-golf).  After beach and golf, we got carry-out and watched the USA Women's soccer team kick some booty!  What an amazing game!!!  Loved watching the women win.

I let each baby feel the water for the first time, expecting tears, smiles, something!  They didn't care at all.



Me and my babies






Continuing the red, white, and blue!

 Come back tomorrow for the last three days of our beach trip!

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