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Hi, I'm Lyndsey and welcome to my little corner of the internet!  I like to blog about our family and just life in general!  We live in Maryland.  Ben is an engineer and I am a first grade teacher!  We love to watch movies, go out to dinner, be outside, cheer on our Maryland Terrapins, Washington Redskins, and Baltimore Orioles, and spend time with friends and family.  We met at the University of Maryland through a mutual friend (thanks Jess!) and we got to know each other while being involved with Cru (formally known as Campus Crusade for Christ).  On January 31, 2008, Ben asked me to be his girlfriend, on September 19, 2009, Ben asked me to become his wife, and on July 10, 2010, we both said, "I do!"  God blessed me with a wonderful man to do life with and we couldn't be happier.


About a month after we were married, we adopted an Australian shepherd/Beagle mix that we named Riley!  Riley is now 7 years old and is our "first born" baby.  She's a great big sister to her two human sisters! Riley loves barking at squirrels & rabbits, consuming as many treats as possible, licking everybody who walks through our door, and has a special place in her heart for socks.  The smellier the better!

In February 2015 we welcomed identical twin daughters, Natalie and Noelle!  They are such a fun addition to our family and we love them so much!  Many people find it hard to tell them apart but I'll let you in on our little secret...look closely and if you can see a freckle under one's lip, that's Natalie and the other is Noelle!

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