Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beach Trip, Day 1&2

We spent the Fourth of July weekend at the beach, one of my favorite places to be!  I grew up about 60mins from the beach and we would do day trips all the time there.  We would also spend a week there with my extended family every summer.  A few years ago, my parents bought a beach condo so now we can go whenever we want!  Living that close to the beach is something I really miss about living on the Eastern Shore.

The girls and I went to my parents' house on Thursday, which is just about the halfway point to the beach.  We were going to take the girls swimming in their pool but it was pouring all day so that was a no-go.  Instead we got lunch with a family friend, ran some errands, and I ended up going to the chiropractor because I woke up with some back pain.  Turns out, I had strained a muscle in my lower back and I needed to take it as easy as possible, which is really hard with two babies!  Luckily I would have a ton of help at the beach.  It's been about week and my back is feeling so much better now.  Still a little sore but I can at least bend over!

Natalie is red, white, and cute!

Noelle's celebrating her first Fourth of July

My mom and I continued on to the beach Thursday evening with the girls and their two about a packed car!  Once we got there we unpacked, put up the pack & plays, and called it a night!  My brother and his girlfriend came down Thursday night too but we didn't really see them as they got there even later than us.

This was my car to get to my parents' house.  We then transferred everything to their Tahoe...and it was just as packed!

I often catch these two sleeping in identical positions!

Friday turned out to be a really nice day on the beach!  It was in the 80s and there was a breeze off the ocean which made it perfect.  Ben got to the beach mid-morning and after lunch, we got ready to hit the sand!  My mom and I sat under the umbrella each holding a baby and Ben listened to music.  The ocean made the girls really sleepy and they napped almost the whole time we were out there.  I got to do some reading and napping myself! We spent a few hours on the beach before heading back in.  The girls could really only stay out there for a few hours before getting cranky from the heat.  In the afternoon my friend & coworker, Lisa, came to visit for a bit!  She was down for the holiday too and it was fun to see her outside of work.

The girls' first day on the beach!

Noelle napping in Grammy's arms.  It's hard being a beach baby!

Friday night we attempted to go to a restaurant for dinner but the wait was over 2 hours!!!  No thank you.  We walked back to the condo and ordered food to go instead and just spent a relaxing evening in!

Day 3&4 coming up!


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