Thursday, October 17, 2013

Home Improvements

When we bought our house, we had the wiring for two ceiling fans installed.  One for our family room and one for the master bed room.  Two weeks ago, Ben and I decided to find some fans!  We found one at Home Depot for our family room and one from Lowes for our master bedroom.  I also got Ben to instal a peephole in our front door.  Now I can know who's there!  Here are some pictures of Ben doing the installation.  He did all of the work...I just held the flashlight :)

Family room fan

We thought the step ladder would be tall wasn't.

So we used the chair!  Don't worry, I held onto the chair to make sure it didn't tip over...unless I was taking pictures! 

Installing the peep hole.  It was much easier than I thought it would be!

Master bedroom fan.

All done!  The light in this fan is LED and it gives off a weird glow so we are still deciding if we want to keep this one or not.

Besides installing our shades, this was our first big improvement on our house!  And I love that we have so much more light in the family room now!

And of course we had some help from the pooches while installing the fan...they kept the bed warm!

Aren't they precious?