Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Deep Creek Lake

Hi everyone!  Sorry it has been a week since posting the first pics of our trip to Deep Creek Lake!  Teachers went back to school this past week so I had my days full of getting my classroom ready!  But more on that later...

Here is the rest of our DCL trip!  After spending the day on the water, we were exhausted!  The next day was a little bit more relaxing.  The guys played a round of golf while the girls went on a short hike and then to the beach.  I don't have any golfing pics but the men had fun even if they were a bit rusty with the game!

The hike we went on was a short 1 mile hike.  On the hike, there was access to three beautiful waterfalls!  Two of them were smaller and we were actually able to wade in the water.  Some people were jumping off the rocks into the big pool below the falls but none of us were dumb enough to try that!

This was the first falls we came to.  It was also the biggest and the one that we weren't allowed to go swimming in. (Though that didn't stop other people from doing it!)

Chessie and her friend!

This was the second falls.  We didn't go swimming in this one.

This was the third falls.  A little smaller.  We went wading in the water at the top of the falls.  It came up to our knees.  The rocks were really slippery though so we tried really hard not to fall in and get soaked!

Someone's dog hiking with them!

DCL has a little man-made beach that we went to.  However, it was so cloudy and windy, I was all covered up! It was really cold.

Saturday was our last full day in DCL.  Ben and Kevin spent the day mountain biking down one of Wisp's trails.  The ski lifts took them up to the top and then they would bike down.  At the end of the day, they saw a wedding party and guests riding the lift up to the top for a wedding!  I don't have any pictures of that but it sounded pretty fun!

While they were biking, Brian relaxed at the house while the four ladies went white water rafting!  At the top of the mountain, there is a man made course for rafting and kayaking.  The course can be changed to different levels of difficulty.  Kim had been white water rafting before but neither I or Chessie and her friend had been so it was probably good that we went on a man made course and not a river!

This is a (really bad) picture of the course.  The big pool is where they drain all the water at the end of the day and it's also where we started.  We would paddle onto a conveyer belt that would take us up into the smaller pool to begin the course.  It was a lot of fun!  We went around about four times in two hours and our guide stopped us along the way to have us try different things.  At one point, he made us all get out and jump from one of the rocks into the middle of the "river" and swim back.  Then, he had us go "surfing" in one of the falls, which is where you paddle really hard against the water and the idea is that the front of the raft will get stuck under the falling water and hold you in place, therefore surfing on the water.  It took us two tries but we finally got it!  The first time, our raft didn't get stuck and we all fell sideways.  Chessie and I were in the front and I fell into her, knocking her out of the raft!  Once she got back in we tried it again and were successful at surfing.  The third thing our guide made us do was he had the two front people (me and Chessie's friend, Elissa) put our paddles down.  As we were going down the fall, our guide counted to 3 and on 3, we were to jump out of the raft.  The idea was to coincide our jump with a certain point of the fall which would launch us up into the air and into the water.  Neither of us succeeded in that but we did jump out!

The rafting was a lot of fun!  We really enjoyed it!  The rest of the day was spent relaxing at the house because we were all so tired from rafting and biking!  Sunday was just spent packing up and heading back to Columbia!!!  It was a great trip and I think we would definitely go back!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Deep Creek Lake

Last week, Ben and I spent 5 days up in Deep Creek Lake with Ben's family.  His parents were vacationing there for a week and kindly invited us up to hang out with them!  They had rented this beautiful house that had a lake front view and was just the perfect location.  We were so close to everything we needed to do and it was great being able to see the lake and parts of Wisp, the ski resort that is next to the lake.

We went up on Wednesday and got there in the afternoon.  We spent the afternoon/evening just relaxing, watching the Olympics, and just enjoying hanging out together.

Our beautiful view!

The big grassy slope on the left is one of Wisp's ski slopes.

The boys took a bike ride around while I sat on the deck and read.

On Thursday, Ben's parents rented a boat for the day and we spent the day tubing and (trying to) water skiing on Deep Creek Lake.  We spent the first half of the day tubing on the lake and then steered the boat up to a public dock where we hopped off for lunch.  We had lunch at this really great pizzeria and ordered this GIANT pizza!  It was 26 inches wide!  

Our house is part of the middle left houses, the blue ones.

We tried to water ski but we found out that our boat wasn't strong enough to pull any of us up all the way.  We could get up halfway but the boat didn't have enough power to get us all the way up.  We tried though!

I'll post the rest of the pics later.  Here's day 1 and 2 of Deep Creek Lake!