Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Today is Election Day, as you probably know.  And while I think it is important to vote, I am not the biggest fan of politics.  In fact, I paid no attention to the ads, campaigns, speeches, etc. until last night when I sat down with my ballot to make my decision.  I found a neutral article from Yahoo that laid out the issues and what each candidate thought and read it.  I pray that the person that God thinks would be best for our country is the one that is voted in.

Meanwhile, one of my friends posted a great prayer on Facebook that I wanted to share with you.  Her name is Christina and I believe she got this from someone else but regardless, I thought it was really well said.

"Most people would say pray for our government to change. My prayer is not for the government to change. It's for people to know Jesus Christ. And for the church to be the church" -friend from East Asia -- That's my prayer for America too. For people to know Jesus and for the church to be the church. The solution and true hope ultimately is not what is on the ballot. Whether the person I'm voting for wins or loses, I know God is still sovereign. Voting is not enough. Get personal and love. Let's unite humbly for America and not ask God to bless America but America to bless God.

One last thought...if you live in Howard County, check out the fourth name from the top....I think he would be our best choice for president!  He would always know who was naughty and who was nice!

 This is one of the write in options for president!!!  Santa would totally turn this country around!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

After Superstorm Sandy

Since the Superstorm, things have been busy around here so I apologize for not updating!  I do have some pictures but they are pretty much pictures of rain since there wasn't any real damage here, praise God!  We lost power around 8pm Monday night but got it back Tuesday night around 11pm.  We didn't have much in our fridge and we had already taken our frozen stuff to Ben's parents' house so we didn't lose too much.  School was cancelled again Tuesday and Ben didn't have to go into work.  By Tuesday morning, most of the storm had passed, however we were cold in our apartment!  Ben's parents didn't lose power so we camped out at their place for the day and evening to keep warm and get work done!  Ben had to finish his midterm anyways so it was nice to be around electricity and internet.  As always, Riley enjoyed having the bigger house to run around in!  All in all, we were very fortunate with the storm and have already been able to get back on track with work and home.  Judging on the news and pictures from NJ and NYC, we were very fortunate.  Praise God for keeping us and our friends and family safe!  Our prayers go out to those who are still working through what Sandy left behind.