Saturday, November 22, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

In case you didn't know it, I LOVE birthdays...I love to celebrate them, especially my own!  In fact, I like to celebrate all month long, haha.  I count down to my birthday and notify Ben almost every day of how many more days till my birthday.  My birthday was two days ago and it has been a few great days of celebrating!  I actually don't have any pictures to share but thought I would share what we did!

The celebrating started the weekend before when my wonderful in-laws took me out for a brunch birthday.  We ate at Clydes and the brunch was soooo good!  It was nice to sit, eat an excellent meal, and spend time with family.

My actual birthday was a hectic day...we had a busy day at school but all of my little first graders were really excited to wish me a happy birthday.  One of the teachers took a poll at lunch to see how old the students thought I was and it ranged from 12 to 42...not bad!  I had class that night so I got myself a birthday dinner of Chick-fil-a and when I got home, Ben gave me beautiful flowers!  He also bought me "wine" to drink....don't worry, it was sparkling apple cider.  I opened my cards and presents and promptly fell asleep on the couch :)

The next day at school, my team and I had a birthday lunch and dessert for me!  I even got to bring the extra home which was awesome.  That night my amazing parents came up and we went out to dinner at The Stanford Grill, which is an excellent restaurant.  I highly recommend it.  I opened a few more presents and enjoyed spending time with my family.

At some point over Thanksgiving break, Ben and I are going to see the new Hunger Games movie to finish off the celebrating.  I'm really excited for the movie, Ben is just tagging along I think, haha.

All in all it was a great way to start year 27! 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Hallowee!

Happy Halloween!  I have always loved Halloween and thinking of the perfect costume to make.  Yes, I said make.  I can't remember a costume that we bought for me to wear...either my mom or my dad made it with me!  I can't wait to do that with our kids when they get a little older!  Baby costumes are just easier to buy, haha.  I am already thinking of what cute costumes the girls can wear next year!

We don't celebrate Halloween at school anymore :( but we did have a "Fall into Words" parade which just happened to fall on Halloween.  Students and staff dress up and wear a word to describe their costume.  The first grade team were minions again and we were a huge hit with the kids!

Funny story about my costume...the overalls were HUGE on me last year so I didn't bother trying them on this year, assuming they would fit.  So at 8:30am (kids come at 9:10) I put them on and realized they did NOT go over my belly!  Luckily I realized there were buttons on the side of the overalls so I was able to fit into them after undoing two buttons on either side.  That's what I get for assuming!

Now it is November, one of the best months out there!  I told Ben that my birthday month started today so he better get ready!  19 days and counting..... :)  Happy November!