Wednesday, March 29, 2017

So So Tired...

I know I said this when we moved into our old house almost 4 years ago but....I really hope I never have to move again.  It's hard work!  When we moved last time, it was summer, we didn't have any kids, and I could just do what I wanted all day.  This time, school is still in session, we have two toddlers to somehow keep safe, and boxes everywhere.  It's driving me crazy!

We're slowly getting through all the boxes and the ones that I'm not ready to deal with yet are being put in a room for now.  Out of sight, out of mind right?  We've actually gotten a lot done in a week and a half.  My parents took the girls the first weekend we moved which gave us tons of time to start unpacking and paint their bedroom.  My mom came up this past weekend to entertain them while we kept unpacking and yesterday Noelle was sent home with a fever (though I swear she held the thermometer up to a lightbulb because she's been fine ever since!) so I had yesterday afternoon and today to work on the house while we wait out our 24hrs fever free. 
When we woke up the first Sunday morning in our new house, this was the view outside.

I was determined to paint the girls' room the same as their old room...more for me than them!  I loved that room and I spent the whole weekend painting it so it was ready when they came back.

Here's the last picture of our old house.  We made several trips there and back fixing stuff up, bringing odds and ends that the movers didn't get, and just making sure it was ready to go.  We shed some tears when we said goodbye, it was a great house and if we could have picked it up and put it somewhere else, we would have but Ben said that was too expensive :).  As sad as we were to leave it, we are happy and excited about our new home.

I don't have many other pictures yet but I will share them once I have them.  I kind of want to have a whole room complete before sharing and we currently don't have one of those yet ;)  I have lots of big ideas for this place and I can't wait to share them with you as we make this house a home.

I'm hoping to get around to doing our monthly miscellaneous pictures for March as well but we shall see :)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Just popping in real quick...

We are in the midst of packing!  Just wanted to pop in real quick and say that we did it, we sold our house!  We signed all the papers Monday morning, were homeless for a few hours, and then bought our house Monday afternoon!  We had a chance to go over to the new house right after signing to prep it for the winter storm we were getting on Tuesday.  The weathermen predicted 8-12" and we got about 3" here so I am not complaining one bit!  We are finishing up packing tonight and are moving tomorrow!  It's crazy to think that 6 months ago we decided to do this and now it's happening.  I have a TON of blogging to catch up on so I will try to get all caught up with what we've been doing around here once we're moved and somewhat settled.  Cross your fingers and say your prayers for our big move tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

February Wrap-up

**Edit: I wrote this post in February and for some reason never published it!  Sorry!

Month 2 of 2017 is over!  Can you believe February has gone and March starts tomorrow?  I am ready for spring to come and warm weather to stay!  We've had some amazing days in February but I'm ready for everyday to be warm and sunny!

Before sharing our miscellaneous pictures from February, I wanted to share an update on the houses since today was supposed to be our settlement day...but it's not.  Long story short the buyer for our house has run into some issues so we're waiting to hear if it's all going to work out or not.  So say a prayer for us that it all works out and that we're patient and open to God's plan!

So on to our miscellaneous pictures from February!  We had a lot of fun and tried to make good use of the several 70 degree days we had.

I got a new shipment of books in!  I absolutely love selling Usborne Books and More and being a "personal book consultant" (as I call myself) to others.  You can check out my page here!

Noelle playing in the bouncy house at daycare!

Natalie did not want to get out.

A friend of a friend made the girls these AMAZING hats!  They are beautiful and so detailed!  Definitely a keepsake.  She also was sweet enough to make two Mickey hats for my friend Laura and her two boys.

I had to bribe them to take the hats off for bedtime.

Celebrating the 100th day of school in style!  100 years young!

The first grade team.

Me and my intern waiting for the kids to come!

Daddy and his girls reading before bed.

Natalie playing dress-up at daycare (side note...see that duck rattle she's holding?  She absolutely loves that thing and it comes home with us 2-3 days out of the week.  She will not let it go.)


We got to have a joint celebration at daycare with another little girl whose birthday is 4 days after the girls so they brought pizza and we brought cupcakes!  I was able to sneak away from work during my lunch hour to go celebrate with them!

Natalie tried to blow out the candles but couldn't quite get it.

Noelle tried too and Miss Sara ended up helping.

Sharing some inside joke in the book corner!

And the next day Noelle was sick so I took off and we all stayed home.  Here the poor girl was trying to sleep and Natalie kept trying to get her to play.

Aren't we all glad Minnie & Mickey made it onto Noah's Ark?

They love their Minnie & Mickey Little People dolls.  So much we had to order a second set because they were fighting constantly over them.

So cool

Opening their birthday cards from Aunt Judy!

2 year checkup.  Natalie started crying as soon as the nurse said, "hi" and didn't stop till we left.  Noelle put on a brave face and only cried when she got her shot.  Noelle is 34.4" tall and wei26lbs 3oz

Trying on bathing suits

Playing at the park with friends!

Racing with friends


Happy February friends!