Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Five months...what?!

On Sunday the 12th, our little girls turned five months old!  How is that possible?!  These months are flying by way too fast and I can't help but think they'll be six months soon and I have to go back to work right after that :'(

But anyways, I wanted to share our little five month photo shoot with you all!  Our biggest milestone is that we have started solid foods!  The girls have had rice cereal and carrots.  Natalie has loved both and eats it up.  Noelle took about 5 days before she really got into the cereal but liked the carrots right away!  I also just got their professional four month photos back so I will be sharing those soon too...just a little out of order, haha!


On a sadder note, Ben's grandmother hasn't been doing well recently.  She had surgery last month and has been trying to recover from that.  So please say a little prayer for Bonnie's recovery!

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