Thursday, July 9, 2015

Back from the Beach!

We are back from a wonderful Fourth of July beach trip! My parents have a condo in Ocean City and we love going there, especially to celebrate July Fourth!  I will have more on our beach trip in the next few days.  Right now, I am STILL trying to catch up from June!

We left of with Father's Day!  We spent Father's Day seeing both dads, which was really nice.  We started our day with going to church and afterwards we went to my in-laws house to have lunch with Ben's dad.  It was really nice to relax with them and enjoy Ben's first Father's Day with his dad.  We ended our day with dinner back at our house with my family.  My mom made us pizza and we had fun with the girls.  And then it was time for bed for the babies!  I completely forgot to take any pictures except for this one as we were putting the girls to bed.

 Ben and his little girls :)

And here are just some randoms I found on my phone that I wanted to share...because these two are just too cute!
Ready for some shopping!

They've mastered their head control.

Their first time in the stroller without car seats!

Meeting Great Uncle Mark for the first time.

Natalie loves to take Noelle's arm and lick/suck on it.

Womb mates and leg warmers :)  (Natalie)


At their four month appointment, we got the green light to start cereal!  Here is Noelle's first taste....she will eat the cereal but isn't a fan of it.  It took her about 5 days to get used to it.

Natalie's first taste of cereal...she loves it and eats it all every time!

Noelle does like to hold her spoon.


Next up, our trip to the beach!  I'm waiting on their 4 month professional photos to share!  I've seen some sneaks of them, can't wait for the rest!

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