Saturday, March 30, 2013

We have windows!

Please excuse the not so good iphone pictures but we have windows and shingles and paper on the house!  Once Ben gives me his good camera pictures, I will post them.  So exciting to see progress!

So this picture was from a week ago and it was dusk so I'm sorry it's so dark!  But this was our first glimpse of how the house would actually look!

And we came back a week later to find this!  We have shingles, temporary doors, the fabulous yellow paper, and windows!!!

The fireplace is here!

The workers had also spray painted where the appliances would go and the outline of the bathrooms.  This is showing the double oven on the left and fridge on the right.

Here is the kitchen!  The ovens and fridge are on the right, pantry is in the right corner, stove top on the back wall, and the dishwasher and sink are on the left.  The rectangle in the middle is the island!

And I have to add a picture of my handsome hubby!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Wedding Bells

Please notice that today's date is March 25, 2013, the 5th day of spring...and it is SNOWING outside!!!  Over the weekend the Weather Channel kept saying that we would be getting some snow but last time they said that, it ended up being rain all day so I wasn't sure if I should believe them or not.  Well this time, they were right!  We have about 2-3 inches so far and the snow is still falling.  I started out with a delay that turned into a day off so here I am blogging away!

Last weekend I was blessed to attend a wedding to see two amazing friends get married!  Jess and I met in college where we were in a bible study together for 4 years and became really close friends.  We also took a bowling class and ballet class together in college!  Jess is a fellow teacher, teaching ESOL at a neighboring school.  Her groom, Jeff, has been a friend of Ben's brother, Kevin, for years.  Kevin was even in the wedding!  It was very special to see these two tie the knot in a Christian ceremony and a Korean ceremony.

The beautiful mansion where the wedding ceremony and reception took place!

Gorgeous dress.

Kevin and one of the other groomsmen acted as the flower boys!

Beautiful bride!

The groomsmen.

A (really dark) picture of the bridesmaids.  Sorry for the bad quality!  The room was really dark inside and I didn't want to use the flash.

Kevin and his bridesmaid.

My other close friend, Lindsay!

Beautiful reception!

Her table centerpieces were so quaint and pretty.

The Best Maid instead of having a Best Man.

The Maid of Honor.

Their favors were some delicious cookies made by the bridesmaids!

Setting up for the Korean ceremony.

The couple and the bride's parents.

The couple and the groom's parents.

At the end, the groom has to carry the bride on his back around the room to show his superior strength.

It was a beautiful wedding and I was so happy to be a part of it!