Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bekah's Baby Shower

Two weekends ago, I was blessed to celebrate the impending arrival of my good friend, Bekah's baby!  This was in between celebrating two was a busy weekend for me!  Bekah and I went to high school together and played soccer together for three years.  In addition, her sister, Hannah, is one of my besties so Bekah and I spent a lot of time together growing up.  And now she lives in sunny California with her husband Mike, and her soon to be here baby boy!  It was awesome celebrating Bekah and the baby but also to spend time with Hannah (since she and my favorite baby in the world, Karissa, flew in from Texas).  Yay for baby showers!

She's all belly!  What a beautiful mama-to-be!

Seriously, can she get any cuter?

Can we all note how she is wearing, I mean ROCKING, 3" wedges?!?


Monday, March 17, 2014

March Birthdays

I totally meant to post this last weekend and I forgot, and then I got sick, and then I forgot again, and now here I am with another snow day and finally remembered!!!  Yes, this is our third snow day in March, and our ninth or tenth one over all!  I am sick of winter and so happy that spring officially begins on Friday!

Last weekend, we had two special birthdays in the family!!!  Chessie became a legal adult on Friday, the 7th and Ben continued to be a legal adult on Sunday, the 9th.  I don't think Ben wants me to share how old he is but I am sure most of you know when he was born and can do the math!  This year we celebrated both birthdays together by dining at The Stanford Grill.  If you have never eaten there and are in Columbia, you must!  It is soooo delicious.  We ate tons of food, laughed a lot, and took our dessert to go.  We ended the celebrating by opening presents at Ben's parents' house and enjoying a little bit of dessert later.  We were so stuffed that we could hardly move!  Dinner was delicious and it was great spending time with family.

On Sunday, Ben and I went bowling, something we both love to do.  Fun fact, we both bowled in a league for our last two years in college.  Joining the league was one of the first things Ben called me to do before we started dating.  I even took a bowling class in college!  We do love to bowl but we both found out pretty quickly that we have some brushing up to do.  While we bowled, I had some fun taking pictures of the ball hitting the pins.  We both rocked our first game and failed miserably at the second game, haha.

Then this past Saturday, we went out to dinner with my parents to finish celebrating his birthday.  This time we went to PF Changs and they never disappoint!  We had so much fun celebrating Ben's birthday!  And now I get to tease him for 8 months about how he's "sooo" much older than me!

Happy 18th Birthday Chessie!!

Happy Birthday Ben!!

What you do when you ate too much food to get up.

Kevin and his girlfriend, Lisa.