Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Pop Pop!

Today is my grandfather's birthday!  Ben, the girls, and I went to the Eastern Shore on Saturday to celebrate his birthday!  The celebration took place at my grandparents' house and we ate, watched basketball, and passed around babies.  It was fun to again see my family for the third time in the last month and for them to see how big the girls are getting. 


My brother sitting on an itty bitty stool.

The birthday boy

My uncle holding Natalie.


My aunt holding Noelle

My youngest cousin holding Noelle

My grandmother holding Noelle.

Happy birthday Pop Pop!  So happy we were able to celebrate with you!

Friday, March 27, 2015

5 Years Ago...

On this day, 5 years ago, I was getting ready to be a part of my best friend's wedding!  I can't believe it's been 5 years since I watched Hannah and Andrew get married, give a toast at the reception, dance the night away, warn them that tin foil was hidden in their suitcases, drive them to the airport the next morning at the crack of dawn, and help my other best friend find a priceless ring that she had misplaced.  Here we are five years later, they live states away, both of us married, four kids between the two of us, both of us with different jobs then what we went to college for, and 14 years of friendship!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day.  Happy 5th Anniversary Hannah & Andrew!

Hannah & Andrew's dads at the rehearsal dinner.

Love these two so much!

Getting ready!

Goodness my hair was so long!  Growing it out for our wedding 3 months later!

Hotties with hair curlers

One of my oldest friends! 14 years and counting!

Officially Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Beach!

Giving my toast...soo nervous!

Hannah and her loveable brother!

My handsome date for the evening.

Love this picture...I should really get it framed!

Can't believe we will be celebrating 5 years ourselves in a few months!  Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

TBT...1 month old!

Today I'm throwing back Thursday to two weeks ago when our little monsters turned one month old!  Someone gave us the cute monthly stickers to use with the babies so hopefully I will remember to do this each month.

Ben's Uncle had surgery last week so the girls wanted to send him a get well note!