Thursday, February 2, 2012


I realize that it is WELL past due for an update on what is going on in the Alvarez household. (Hopefully, you can see from the update how busy we are and will forgive us for not blogging sooner!)

Since the new year, I have started back at my internship 5 days a week instead of 3 days. I have also started my last few classes of my program, along with applying for jobs, preparing for my 6 week takeover (starts in one and a half weeks!!!), outlining my research that needs to start, and starting to think about the online portfolio that I need to complete for the program. So, not too much to do.

P.S. Most of this is due by the end of April!

Ben has also started his second class for his Master's degree. Other then that, he has been working hard at APL, doing whatever it is that he does (he can't divulge the secrets and they would go over my head even if he did tell me) and keeping Riley entertained when she isn't snuggled up next to me while I do work.

Sorry it's so brief but back to work I go! Hopefully it won't be as long between posts as last time.

P.S. Was anyone else disappointed by Puxatawney Phil's prediction? Six more weeks of winter, no thank you!