Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

Warning, warning, be prepared for major picture overload!  These two poor children had two paparazzi parents following them around the pumpkin patch!

This past weekend was gorgeous and we took advantage of the beautiful weather to go to the pumpkin patch!  After looking around online we decided to try a different pumpkin patch from last year and decided to try Gaver Farm.  I mentioned it to a few people and everyone had good things to say about it.  The farm was located about 40mins away so the girls took a nice nap on the way out.  We got there about 30mins after it opened and I'm glad we did because the cars just kept rolling in the entire time we were there.  When you go to Gaver, you buy a festival pass for $10.50 for people 2yrs and up and then you have access to all of the activities. 

The first thing we did was hop onto the hay ride to ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins!  We decided it was a good idea to get the pumpkins first because we were able to get right on the hay ride but when we left a few hours later, there was a long line for the hayride and to check out with your pumpkins.  The girls seemed pretty indifferent to the hayride as it bumped along to the field.  Once we got out there and off the wagon, we just walked around the pumpkin patch taking pictures.  A few weeks ago I ordered little backpacks for the girls that clip on and have straps attached so the girls were able to walk around and still be attached to us.  They enjoyed walking around and touching all of the pumpkins...I think their goal was to touch every pumpkin out there!

Noelle & Natalie's First Hayride!

Pictures of the farm as we rode out to the pumpkin fields.

Pumpkins and Christmas trees!

Tried a family picture but one kid got blocked so a nice gentleman across the wagon offered to take one for us.



Noelle has the ladybug backpack

Natalie has the bumblebee backpack


Our attempt of getting them to take a picture together.

Back on the hayride with our pumpkins!


After walking around and taking pictures, Ben and I each selected a pumpkin and we decided to let the girls pick a smaller pumpkin back at the barn.  We thought that was better than trying to juggle 4 pumpkins, 2 toddlers, and a diaper bag back onto the hayride!  Once back at the barn the girls each picked out a smaller pumpkin and carried them to the register.  Ben took the pumpkins out to the car and Noelle & Natalie had a snack while we waited.  Once he was back it was time to hit the activities!

There were a lot of things to do at Gaver Farm.  There was this huge pillow that you could jump on (it was quite crowded and the girls can't really jump yet so we skipped this one), there were multiple slides, games to play, tubes to crawl through, mazes, animals to look at and feed, picture boards for photos, and more.  We really had a lot of fun and the girls walked almost the entire time.  We really only had to carry them when we wanted to move on and they threw a fit about leaving a particular activity :)  I think their favorite ones were the slide, the tubes to walk through, and the animals. Natalie especially enjoyed looking at all of the animals and putting her arms through the fences, beckoning them to come to her!

Daddy and Noelle watching their ducky float down the water pipe

This one's for Grammy!


They loved walking through the little corn tunnel.  We had to do it several times.


Natalie tried to get every goat to come to her.

Watching the ducks


Natalie seemed to make friends with the donkey.  He came right over to her when she walked up.  I had to hold her hands down because all she wanted to do was pet him and the sign said, "May bite!"

Bacon!  I mean piggies.


Trying out a little kid maze


Making music!

They also loved this little slide.  We had to pick them up and walk away while they cried when it was time to go!

Natalie in front, Noelle behind her.

Overall we had a really fun time and I think it will be even more fun next year when they're a bit older and can do all of the activities.  I'm glad we used the backpacks instead of the stroller because the ground was very uneven and I don't think our stroller would've fared well.  I would also suggest bringing a picnic lunch.  They have food there but it's typical concession stand food.  The fresh apple cider was fantastic though!  If you decide to check out Gaver farm, make sure you go soon after they open and get your pumpkins first!