Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites! First Timer Here...

First timer here...I'm going to be linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika for the first time to share my favorites from the week!  Here we go!!!!

 1. Celebrating my daddy's birthday!  His birthday was Wednesday and we met my parents in Annapolis for dinner at the Bonefish good!  I had never been there before and my friend had recommended to me the Bang Bang Shrimp as an appetizer.  That. was. DELICIOUS!  Definitely get it if you go.  Ben wasn't able to go because of work but my brother met me at our house and we rode to dinner in our new minivan!!!  Which brings me to #2...

2. Our new minivan!  Since finding out we were having twins, Ben and I knew that we would have to get a bigger vehicle eventually.  He has a 2 door Acura RSX (sporty looking car) and I have a 4 door Honda Civic...neither one is a good sized car for four people and a dog!  For awhile we were going back and forth between a small SUV, like a CR-V or a minivan and I finally decided on the minivan.  I've never wanted a minivan but have decided to embrace it and it's pretty nice!  This past weekend we found a 2013 Toyota Sienna that we liked, went to look at it, and bought it!  We said goodbye to my car, Ruby, and hello to the minivan!  Name is still pending...

3. I got to catch up with a few friends this week that I haven't seen in awhile!  My friend Kayla and I met at the mall and grabbed lunch, walked around, and caught up!  Kayla and I met freshman year when we lived on the same floor in the dorm and quickly realized we were sisters from another mister.  We have many of the same loves and roomed together in college.  And today, I am having lunch with my friend Megan to catch up before she starts graduate school!  Megan and I also met in college and were roommates at one point!  I'm looking forward to catching up with her.

4.  I don't really call this a favorite but it is a check off of my Summer To-Do list.  I took Riley to the vet yesterday for her yearly shots.  I had to get them in ASAP because we are anticipating a trip to see family in the near future and I need her up-to-date to be able to board her.  I was planning on taking her on a weekend so Ben could watch the girls but I needed to reschedule her appointment so I had to figure out how to take her and two babies into the vet's office.  So I tried out our TwinGo Carrier!  I've used it a few times before but the awesome thing about this carrier is that it can be worn as two front carriers, two back carriers, or you can snap them together and wear two babies at once!  I've used them as front carriers before but Thursday was the first time I used them as a double carrier.

They loved it so much they fell asleep.

5.  My last one does not qualify as a favorite but as an unfavorite.  I mentioned on Wednesday that Ben's grandma isn't doing well.  She lives in Texas and his dad was able to get there on Wednesday so all of her kids are with her.  We are in the process of making plans to travel to Texas soon to be with family.  So please keep her in your prayers, that she is at peace and as pain-free as possible.  And also for us as we plan to travel by plane with two babies for the first time.  Thank you!

Thanks friends and Happy Friday!


  1. Woah! Minivan! :) I bet you are appreciating all that extra space, what with all your beach trips! Sorry to hear about Ben's grandma; will definitely be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers! Love the 4 month photos!

  2. Thanks for the prayers! She actually passed away soon after I wrote this post so we are in the midst of plans to travel to TX soon for the service. We do love the minivan! The room is sooo nice...I want to make another beach trip just so I can use it! Hope you and baby girl are staying as cool as possible!