Monday, August 3, 2015

It's August!

Wow, it's August!  I always feel a little sad and happy in August because that means school is right around the corner.  I look forward to starting the new year/I don't want summer to end!  So many conflicting feelings!

Before I go on to my summer to-do list, I wanted to give a shout-out to my cousin, Courtney.  Today's her birthday!  She's in Australia right now (how awesome is that?!) and I don't even know if she reads my blog but in case she does, HAPPY BIRTHDAY COURTNEY!

Alright, on to my to-do list.  I only have two weeks left to get these things checked off!  Let's see how I did in July.

Summer 2015 To Do List
  • Spend as much time as possible with the girls and Ben
  • Organize my math centers for school
  • Read!  I don't do this enough during the school year so I hope to get lost in a few good books this summer.  <---- I've read two books so far and am working on my third!  I've read Inferno by Dan Brown and Shopaholic & Sister by Sophia Kinsella
  • Riley's annual vet visit  
I tandem wore the babies for the first time...they had so much fun they fell asleep.
Waiting at the vet's office!
  • Transition the girls into their cribs/own room instead of the rock & plays in our room
  • Beach trips! You can read about our trips here, here, here, and here!
  • Day trip to the zoo <---- This may be put on hold till the fall...summer is kinda hot to tote two babies around the zoo!
  • Day trip to the aquarium

  • Texas trip to introduce the girls to Ben's family  <----Turned into our Tampa trip! (Days 1&2, Days 3&4)
  • Organize the coat closet
  • Get Ben to build my cubbies since we don't have a mudroom
  • Maybe open a "store" on Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Get a bigger car!  Beach trips will be very hard in my civic! Got a 2013 Toyota Sienna and I love it!  Still trying to think of a good name for her.

In six weeks of summer, I've crossed off 9 out of 13 things...not bad!  Two weeks of summer left and hopefully I will cross off a few more things. (excuse me while I go cry that summer is over in two weeks...wahhhh)

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