Thursday, August 20, 2015

Queen Anne's County Fair

Last week, the girls and I met my mom, aunt, and cousins at the Queen Anne's County Fair.  My one cousin Heather brought her almost 3 month old baby so we had lots of babies with us!  My mom's family is from Queen Anne's county and I grew up going to this fair.  I've never lived in the county, but we went every year up until I went to college.  I've actually never been to the county fair of the county I lived in, just this one!  I don't think I've been back since then but it was all pretty much the same!  We had a lot of fun with my cousins and taking the girls there, even though they couldn't really do anything yet.  We kept making comments on all of the fun stuff we would be able to do with them next year!  We checked out (most of) the animals first and then we sat in the pavilion to feed the babies.  After they ate, the grownups ate, and then we checked out some of the displays, the rides, and chatted with people we knew.

Welcome to the fair!

A poster about farming that my cousin made.

Psyched to check out the animals.

Natalie and Noelle with some cows.

And more cows.

Now some llamas!

There were several calves (baby cows for you non-farm speakers) and they were adorable!

Onto the horses!  I texted Ben that the girls now want their own pony but he said it was probably me who wanted the pony, not them.  Not true! :)

This little guy is a Chincoteague pony! Did you ever read Misty by Margurite Henry growing up?  It was one of my favorite books and is all about the Chincoteague ponies!

Getting their picture taken with this guy.  He liked to pose.

Pigmy goats!

My mom and cousin Mitch.

Triplets! (not haha)

The babies were all very interested in each other.  Can you imagine what Christmas will be like?!

Mitch and Natalie

Aunt Sharon and Noelle

Aunt Sharon with Noelle, Heather with Mitch, and me with Natalie.  Natalie and Mitch decided to hold hands.

Noelle really liked Mitch!

Aunt Sharon with Noelle, Heather with Mitch, Mom, Me with Natalie

That face!

And this face!  I can't stand the cuteness!

Grammy and her girls


I can already picture how much more fun we are going to have next year when they are 18 months...petting zoo, face painting, pony rides, games, animals, so many things to do!

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