Monday, August 10, 2015

One Week Left :(

How is it that there is only one week of summer left?!  Last time I checked my calendar, it was July 4th!  Since my last post, my brain has been go-go-go with ideas for school.  I haven't been posting as much since I have been doing all those last minute things we teachers do before school starts, like cleaning my house (since we all know it won't get cleaned till Thanksgiving break, haha!), scour Pinterest for all sorts of ideas for the new school year, think about Back To School Night (what should I wear?!), etc.  I've also been creating things for school, like my own planner.  So much to do before the first day next week!

I've also been trying to cram in as much time as possible with my girls and Ben!  My parents actually took the girls this past weekend so that Ben and I could belatedly celebrate our 5th anniversary, which was back in July.  We were supposed to go to the beach but Ben wasn't able to get off work so we had a staycation and ended up doing a lot of stuff around the house.  I did a TON of cleaning so that I could spend my last week with my babies and not the vacuum.  I can't wait to see their smiling faces later today!

Noelle looking at Natalie.

Noelle got hungry for a Natalie snack!

Such shorties (Noelle on the left, Natalie on the right)

Noelle and Natalie checking out their great-grandfather's new toy!  Noelle's newest trick is sticking her tongue out, which she likes to do all the time!
I am really hoping that I can keep blogging, at least some, once we get back into the routine of school.  I really enjoy it and think it's a great way to document our lives so when we can't remember what happened, I can always come here.  We shall see!

Our last week is full of plans so hope you enjoy your week as much as we (hopefully) will!

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