Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

Our weekend was fairly mild compared to the past few weekends and the next few weekends...we have lots of plans coming up!  The biggest thing we did this weekend was celebrate Ben's brother, Kevin's birthday!  To celebrate we went to lunch with the family at Houlihan's...we went there last year but my father-in-law and Kevin's girlfriend couldn't make it so we went again this year since they could come!  Houlihan's is so yummy...they have this amazing fries appetizer that has three different sauces to dip your fries in....if you know anything about me, you know fries are one of my favorite foods and I am a dipper...I love to dip things so this is right up my alley!  I don't even know what the sauces are other than they're amazing!  I also got a BBQ bacon cheeseburger with (yes, more!) fries!  It was a really good burger!  The girls did fabulous and hung out in their car seats while we ate.  Everyone commented on how cute they were and how well behaved they are!  As if I have anything to do with their behavior at 15 weeks old, haha, but I'll take it!

This is the picture we sent Uncle Kevin in the morning to say, "Happy Birthday!"

Natalie and Noelle are ready for lunch!


After lunch we went back to Ben's parents' house for dessert and presents!  We played some corn hole and just enjoyed spending time with family.

Stylin' babies.

 Chessie and Noelle

The birthday boy!

 Aunt Chessie and Noelle

 She's not quite sure if Aunt Chessie is her BFF

 Uncle Kevin and Natalie!

 Uncle Kevin and his favorite nieces

 Having fun with Noelle's romper

Sunday was our errands day...the girls and I went to church while Ben did yard work.  He had to get it in before it rained later that day.  After church, we hit up the grocery store, and then came home to clean and put stuff away.  Nothing too exciting for our Sunday!

 Natalie and Noelle, ready for church!

This coming weekend is going to be B-U-S-Y!  I have a wedding shower, a concert, and I get to see my BFF who is here from Texas!  She hasn't met the girls yet, so I'm excited to show them off to her and see her two darling girls!  Not to mention I only have NINE school days left!  Single digits!

Here are some random pictures from the week...

Natalie & Noelle dressed in their shirts from Aunt Nanne & Uncle Wayne

In the last few weeks they have really started to notice each other and will smile at each other!  They will even search for the other when I'm holding one and the other is nearby.  It's so much fun and sweet to watch their special bond grow! (Noelle is on the left and Natalie is on the right.)

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