Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another Baby in the Family!

Last Monday the girls and I went to meet our new baby cousin!  My cousin, Heather, and her husband Bobby welcomed a beautiful baby boy and we met my mom, aunt, and cousins there to meet him!  They aren't sure if he will go by his first or middle name yet so we are just calling him baby boy for now.  The girls were 13 weeks old when they met him and I am guessing around 9lbs and 22 inches long and their new cousin was 8lbs, 21.75 inches long!  He's not too far behind them already! 

My cousin Jenell holding Natalie and Baby Boy.

Me and the baby!

Natalie and her new cousin.  Almost the same length!

Noelle's turn with her new cousin.

My mom holding Noelle, me, and my cousin, Heather.

Mom and Noelle, Heather and her new son, Aunt Vicky and Natalie.

Jenell holding Baby Boy, Noelle on the left, Easton and Natalie on the right.  Minus Jenell, these are the four Eck great-grandchildren!

This was from this past weekend, Natalie and Noelle practicing their tummy time.

What the top rack of our dishwasher looks like....every night....

Lunch in the middle of Target with Bullseye the dog.

Our weekend was pretty uneventful....lots of errands yesterday, schoolwork today, and dinner with Ben's family to visit with his cousin Martina and her son!  We haven't seen them in over a year so it was fun to get to have dinner with them and show off our girls!  Hopefully we will get to visit with them this summer when we go to Texas.

Happy Sunday everyone!  Only 15 days left of school!

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