Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer To Do List

It is officially summer!  Every summer I like to make a little to-do list just so I can get some things done with my time off.  Some things on my lists are fun, like beach trips, some things are for school, and some are house stuff that gets neglected the rest of the year.  I'm going to try to revisit my list at the end of each month and cross off what I've completed.  So here we go!

Summer 2015 To Do List
  • Spend a much time as possible with these three: 

  • Organize my math centers for school
  • Read!  I don't do this enough during the school year so I hope to get lost in a few good books this summer.
  • Riley's annual vet visit 
  • Transition the girls into their cribs/own room instead of the rock & plays in our room
  • Beach trips!
  • Day trip to the zoo
  • Day trip to the aquarium
  • Texas trip to introduce the girls to Ben's family
  • Organize the coat closet
  • Get Ben to build my cubbies since we don't have a mudroom
  • Maybe open a "store" on Teachers Pay Teachers?  Something I've been thinking about.  Teachers Pay Teachers is a website where teachers can have "stores" where they sell things they make, like games, lesson plans, clipart, etc.  And I figure well, if I make it for myself to use, maybe someone else will want to buy it and use it.  Still thinking about this one...
  • Get a bigger car!  Beach trips will be very hard in my civic!

On today's to-do list?  CLEAN!  Our house has been severely neglected the last few weeks so this week will be spent getting our house back between feedings and naptime!

Happy Monday!

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