Saturday, June 27, 2015

We survived...

Our first night in the cribs/their own bedroom!  I was happy and sad to have them move to their own room...they have been so close to me for a year now, 8 of those months literally a part of me and then only 2 feet away from me for the last 4 months, to now 20 feet away at night.  Yeah, yeah, not that far!  It also makes them seem so big!  I tell them all the time they're not allowed to grow anymore but does anyone listen to Mommy? Noooooo....But we are happy to get our room back and to give them more space to stretch and sleep...the rock n plays were starting to get too small for them.  Plus, we needed to make the transition so they would be ready for some upcoming trips!

They fussed/cried for about 30 minutes when they first went in and I would go up every 10 minutes to replace the pacifier but that was it. No eye contact, no holding, nothing...they won't remember this, right? Tough love is hard!  Then they finally fell asleep but were up on and off throughout the night.  They would be awake when I would go in to put the pacifier back in but as soon as they had their pacy, they went right back to sleep....they must've worn themselves out because they slept in for an hour this morning!  They both love to sleep on their sides, which freaks me out!  Every time I went in I had to make sure they were breathing, haha.  So I thought in honor of our milestone, I would write a top 5 list.

The Top Five Things I Learned When Putting My Babies in Their Cribs
  1.  Even with the monitor right next to his head, Ben can still sleep through anything (I'm a little worried about a fire happening while I'm gone...he'd wake up for that, right?!)
  2. Even though I have a doctor's note saying I have a significant hearing loss, I can still manage to hear every little sound they make from down the hall 20 feet away.  Even without the monitor.  Take that Doctor.
  3. Video monitors are awesome!  I can look in and see if they are screaming their heads off or just fussing for effect.  It is also fun to watch Ben go up there and take care of them.
  4. I am as stealthy as a ninja...I can sneak in, put my hand on both girls to make sure they're breathing, and sneak out without anyone waking up.  Clearly I have ninja skills.
  5. I can still function on a few hours of sleep, like a new mom...I still got it!

We made it!  Cheers to night two being even better!

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