Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day everyone!  I've been MIA on the blog here for the past two weeks and I 100% blame school.  School started on August 17th for me, August 24th with kiddos and I am TIRED!  My class and I are finally settling into our routine at school and Ben, the girls, and I are finally settling into our routine at home.  Having the girls and not being able to be at school as early or as late as I like has given me a lot less time to get work done but we are figuring it out!

Last year's Labor Day was a lot of fun because it was when we publicly announced our pregnancy on Facebook...and lets be real, it's not official unless it's on Facebook ;)  I actually think it was the day after Labor Day but close enough!  We had finally told everyone we had wanted to tell in person and posted our announcement pictures to Facebook with the caption, "Happy Belated "Labor" Day!"


Little did we know, haha!  Enjoy your Labor Day!

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