Saturday, May 2, 2015

Last Week of Maternity Leave

Sadly, this was my last week of maternity leave!  The 11 weeks really flew by!  I went back to work yesterday, May 1st.  It was a good day to go back because it was a professional day, meaning no students!  I had a few meetings to go to, one of which was a training on a new website we will be using next year so I was glad to be there for that one, and I had time to catch up with my team and my long term sub.  We also had Sweet Treats, where a team provides breakfast for the staff, and we went out to lunch so it was a good day all around!  The girls stayed at home with their grandmothers so they had a good day as well!  It wasn't too hard to leave them, knowing that it was Friday, I didn't have to teach, and they were with family.  Monday will be the real test, as I have to take them to daycare for the first time and I have to go back to my students.  My sub said that they are really excited to see me again and I am excited to see them again too.  It will be hard to get back into the swing of things but only 7 weeks left of school!  That's 34 school days or 48 TOTAL days!  Less than 50 is always good in my book!  Here are a few pictures from our last week together until summer break!

The girls and I went to Costco and since the stroller takes up the whole trunk, I had to put the big items in the passenger seat.  The water was so heavy that my car thought my "passenger" wasn't buckled in and kept beeping at I buckled it in!  #weneedabiggercar

I wish I could nap like they do.

Practicing tummy time turned into licking the blanket.

Practicing tummy time together!

Walking on a beautiful day!

Natalie practicing tummy time

Ben decided to scare the bejezus out of us on Wednesday morning! He left early to get to work and I was still in bed because the girls were still asleep (Hallelujah!) and about 40 minutes after he left I heard the beep of the alarm signaling that someone had opened the door.  Riley was laying on the bed with me and perked up.  I didn't think anything of it until I remembered that Ben was gone and someone had opened our door!  I sat up and was watching Riley who was listening very intently.  She then started barking and growling, jumped off of the bed, and laid at the door like this.  I started trying to think of what to do/did I remember the code to the gun safe/I now have babies to protect!  Then I decided to call Ben to make sure it wasn't him and he answered laughing because he was trying to be sneaky and wasn't.  He had forgotten something and come back home!  Thank goodness it was him.  I told him he had about given me a heart attack and should've at least texted me!

Morning selfies with Noelle.

Riley was all tuckered out after protecting us.

Snuggles the night before I headed back to work!

For some reason, Riley has started to prefer sleeping on Ben's clothes at night instead of her comfy blanket that you see on the left of the photo...that big blue thing.

Hanging with Nana and Grandmommy on Friday!

Saturday morning smiles!

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