Saturday, May 23, 2015

Four weeks to go!

Until summer break!  I am so happy to have a three day weekend so we have an extra day of family time!  And I'm trying to use our extra day to convince Ben to go car shopping, haha!  Of course, it would help if we could agree on what kind of car to get...hopefully we will agree on something soon. 

Anyways, we have been busy busy busy since my last post a week ago.  Last Sunday we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday!  The guys went golfing and the girls went to church and afterwards we had lunch at their house and enjoyed hanging out together!  I thought I would snap a few pictures while there but I forgot.

On Wednesday I took the girls to their first Orioles game!  My school had a fundraiser for their Just for Dads group (a group dedicated to promoting male role models in childrens lives) so we bought tickets.  Ben didn't realize it was a Wednesday night and he wasn't able to get home in time for us to go to the game so my friend Lisa helped me take the girls.  I was able to try out my new TwinGo carrier too!  The TwinGo carrier was designed by a twin mom and it's kind of like a 3 in 1 carrier.  It can tandem carry two kids up to 40lbs individually or separate into two single carriers that can be used on the front or back of the body.  It folds up into two pouches for easy storage.  I really liked it!  Once I studied the pdf, it was easy to put on and very comfortable.  You aren't supposed to use the carrier until the babies are at least 10lbs and the girls are somewhere between 9-9.5lbs but I figured they would be okay since we were sitting most of the time.  I am excited to try tandem wearing them once they are a bit older and bigger!  My mom and I are planning to use them this summer to take the kids to the zoo and aquarium.

Mommy & Noelle

Sadly the Orioles lost but we still had fun at the game!  I saw several of my students who were SUPER excited to meet the girls.  The girls also got a first time visitor certificate for their baby books.  They did fabulous other than crying because they were hungry and slept or stared around at everyone most of the time.  We were able to stay till the 8th inning because the game was moving pretty fast.  And a perk of having twins?  We got moved to the front of the security line!  Hopefully we will get to go again this summer with Daddy!

I went to a retirement party Friday night for one of my coworkers while Ben stayed with the girls.  His mom and sister came over to help and enjoyed spending time with the babies.  Saturday morning the girls and I went to a brunch at my college bible study leader's house.  A few months ago, I messaged all of the girls in our study saying I missed them and hoped we could get together soon.  Well it worked out that two of the three girls who live out of state (Texas and Florida) were in town for graduations this weekend and we were able to have a little reunion!  It was so fun to see them and catch up!  Only two of the girls couldn't make it and we were able to FaceTime with one so we almost got to see everyone!  That bible study is a huge reason why I miss college...we did four years of life together and have some fantastic memories, funny stories, and inside jokes.  Hopefully it won't be so long in between getting together next time!

Love these ladies!

Lindsay was helping Jess (who is afraid of babies) hold Noelle....this picture cracks me up!

 Just some random pics from the past week...

Beautiful full rainbow!

Noelle was not feeling the Saturday morning selfie.

"Hey...don't I know you from somewhere?  You look really familiar."

We don't have any set plans for the rest of the weekend...I may go see my cousin's new baby on Monday and we may go look at cars.  Other then that, we will just be relaxing and enjoying our extra time together!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone, especially to our armed forces.  I've always thought it's important to talk about why we have off for certain holidays, Memorial Day being one of them.  As a class we discuss what Memorial Day is and I always read the book The Wall by Eve Bunting.  It's a somber book about the Vietnam Memorial in DC and every year the kids are transfixed by it.  And I always have a few who cry.  They are always moved by what the holiday means and it's one of the reasons I love teaching!  So thank you to all of the women and men out there who have fought, are fighting, or one day will decide to fight for our country and freedom!  God Bless the USA!


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  1. Wow! You have been a busy family! I need to invite myself over again to catch up with you and the girls. :) It's great that you explain Memorial Day to your classes... I never really did that until this year, when we talked about who designed the Vietnam Memorial in DC and why it was so controversial. :)