Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend Recap: Another Baby Shower!

We had another busy weekend in the Alvarez household!  In fact, the next few weekends are going to be busy for us!  Which, for me, is great.  I love being busy and taking the girls places.  Ben, on the other hand, likes his downtime at home!  Hopefully we will be able to find some for him!

Friday marked two weeks left of maternity leave (boo hoo!) and my Aunt Sharon and cousin Heather stopped by to see the girls.  I have two cousin Heathers, one is my blood cousin, and the other is my cousin's wife.  So Heather and Heather are sister-in-laws.  This Heather lives in FL and came up for the other Heather's baby shower to surprise her (confused yet?) and since she had not met the babies yet, they stopped by on their way to surprise Heather.  They stayed for a few hours and then the rest of the day was spent doing our usual...eat, play, sleep!  We did run to Toys R Us for a few things and the girls got a new play mat with a piano!  Starting their music lessons early!

Noelle loves the baby in the mirror.

Their new playmat!  Once they're sitting, we can flip the piano up so they can sit and play.

Natalie and I practicing our selfies.

Smiles from Natalie!

Tummy time is hard work.

Another milestone we had was that Natalie rolled over from tummy to back on Friday!  She doesn't like tummy time so she got herself all mad, kicked her legs up and flipped herself over!  She hasn't done it since of course but I keep trying to get her to do it and get a video!

On Saturday, the girls and I went to my cousin Heather's baby shower.  It was a gorgeous day which was good because the shower was outside.  I didn't even think about sunscreen and got my first sunburn of the year.  The girls stayed in the shade the whole time so no sunburn for them.  Heather is due in May with a baby boy!  It will be a lot of fun having three babies within three months of each other! We had a lot of fun hanging out with family and passing the girls around!

My mom made my cousin a huge caterpillar blanket, much like she made the girls each a huge turtle blanket.

My brother and his girlfriend stopped by Saturday night so that Cara could meet the girls!

Sunday was pretty relaxing for us.  We went to church but instead of going to the service, we attended an orientation session for the kids program at our church.  Now the girls are in the system and we can just scan our little barcode and print off their labels instead of checking in at the desk each week!  After church, Ben needed a haircut so I hung out at my in-laws house with the girls while he did that.  Then we came home and welcomed my Aunt Sharon back to the house!  She came up for a few days to spend with us and to help out with the babies.  We are really blessed to have such amazing family and friends that come over, help out, everything!

That was pretty much our weekend.  We have a really busy one coming up!  Participating in a prayer walk, going to Maryland Day at UMD, and an open house for others to meet our beautiful babies!

Hope you had a great weekend too!


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