Friday, December 26, 2014

Baby Shower Fun

I finally have the baby shower photos and time to blog about them!  It has been a few crazy weeks here in the Alvarez ASL final project and exam, holiday shopping, holiday festivities, baking, Christmas decorating, writing a gazillion thank you notes, and teaching till the 23rd!  It has been non-stop since Dec. 1st and I've been a lot slower this year due to these two babies I'm carrying around :)

So here we go, the first baby shower from the first weekend in December.  As I mentioned in a previous post, it was hosted by my mom in Easton.  My cousin helped with the decor and my aunt took all these beautiful pictures you're about to see.  It was a luncheon at the Easton Country Club with gifts afterwards.  Very nice and relaxing!  I was able to see many people from my life that I haven't seen in such a long time!

Party Guests

Me and my cousin Heather, who is also pregnant....yeah, you can totally tell, right?!  She looks adorable and I look...large...haha!  I skipped right over the cute baby bump stage!

Adorable decor!


So incredibly blessed!  People were so generous to our girls!


My gift runner, Maddy.


Every guest brought a book to help start the babies' home library!  I loved it!


Adorable Mary Jane socks!  I am apparently really talented at taking a picture with things held in front of my face.


Lots of Terps gear!


My mom made this AMAZING turtle blanket for each baby!  


Some of my closest friends!


Here's a better picture of the turtle blanket.  My mom is so talented!


Pop Pop and Grandmommy to be!


Great Grandma to be!  Still thinking of a good name for Mom suggestion was G-Money

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