Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Sunday

Happy belated Easter everyone! We had a great Easter and enjoyed celebrating our Lord and Jesus' amazing sacrifice!  We also enjoyed celebrating the girls' first Easter!  We did not go to church on Sunday because the girls haven't been yet and we thought Easter Sunday would be really crowded to be their first time.  Hopefully this Sunday will be our first attempt at going!  Our celebration was very casual.  We went to Ben's parents' house for Easter dinner and just relaxed with family and friends.  My in-laws were sweet enough to invite my parents to dinner so they came too!  The girls were passed around all day with only minor scuffles when it came time to feed them :)  Everybody was really great at sharing them and thanking us again for having two instead of one, haha. 

The Easter Bunny came and left some footprints outside!

Here is the basket he left for the girls to share.  In later pictures, you'll notice that the chocolate rabbit is missing his head...Daddy ate it before I could get a picture of the girls with their basket.

All three girls playing on the playmat in the morning.  Anyone know how to rotate a picture?  I still can't figure it out.

Noelle and I enjoying a snuggle!

My parents came up and gave the girls their Easter baskets from them.  My mom had also embroidered shirts and made tutus for their first Easter outfits.  Aren't they adorable?

Sorry for the blurriness...I apparently wasn't using the right setting on the camera.

 Ready to party!

Aunt Chessie and Natalie.

Mrs. Allyson and Noelle.

Aunt Chessie is holding Noelle and Uncle Kevin is holding Natalie.

Our first Easter as a family of four!

Natalie being upset about something.

Aunt Chessie and Noelle again.

When we got home at 8pm, (their bedtime) I realized I hadn't gotten a picture of them and their Easter basket from the Easter Bunny!  So we tried and ended up with a lot of pictures and unhappy, tired girls.


And since they only got to wear their shirts once, I put their shirts back on them for a visit to the eye doctor for me.  Might as well get some use out of them while we can!  They were in a much better mood for pictures this time around.


I am already excited for next year's Easter....Easter Bunny pictures, egg dyeing, egg hunts, candy, and two little girls who may be walking by then!  I hope you had a great Easter with friends and family!  Thank you Lord for your sacrifice so that we may live.

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