Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Surprise Party!

This past Sunday, my family and many friends celebrated my dad's 50th birthday!!!  My mom planned a surprise party for my dad....we had a crab feast on the Dorothy Megan, one of two paddle boats that are owned by an awesome seafood restaurant called Suicide Bridge Restaurant.  You can check out the restaurant here:  Suicide Bridge Restaurant

We got my dad to the restaurant under the guise of having lunch with my grandparents.  Instead of sitting down at a table, we escorted my dad right out the back door onto the dock!  He said he had no idea until he went out the door because all that was back there was the boats.  He was definitely surprised and once we got on the boat, the party sailed off into Cambridge and back.  Just as the boat pulled into the dock, a storm came through!  It was pouring and thundering sooo loud!  Fortunately, the storm only lasted about 30 minutes and since they didn't have another cruise, the crew let us stay on the boat until the rain let up.  Overall, it was such a fun day and it was great to celebrate my dad's birthday!

Walking to the boat!

The Dorothy Megan paddleboat!

Better than Banana Cream Pie cupcakes!

The marina in Cambridge


The manly picture

This boat looked like a pirate ship!

The bridge in Cambridge

The birthday boy and family

My inlaws!

Ben and Kevin recreated the Titanic pose

The other paddle boat

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