Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth Festivities

How was your Fourth of July?  Hope it was as fun and relaxing as ours was!  Ben and I started the day by scouring the stores for glow sticks....I mean, how can you go to the fireworks without glow sticks?? We went to Target first but they were fresh out so we hit up the Dollar Tree and got all sorts of bracelets and necklaces!  Ben also bought some "targets" that he later took over to his parents house to practice with Kevin.  Meanwhile, I went to the pool and read a book in the beautiful sunshine!

Later, we headed over to the Columbia Lakefront for the fireworks.  It was PACKED and after much searching, we found a small patch of grass that we could sit on.  We wiled away the hour by playing Words with Friends on our phones (basically like Scrabble....what would we do without phones?)  As it got dark, I got our glow sticks ready, forced Ben to wear his blue necklace, and pulled out the camera!

The fireworks were really really great!  Ben said that they were better then he remembered and I got some really great pictures!  Hope you enjoyed the Fourth!

The fireworks across the lake

Ben is gamely sporting his glow stick necklace

Waiting in the crazy heat for the fireworks!

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