Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Wow, so I originally wrote this post two days ago but that was back when our internet was being temperamental and when I went to publish it, the website froze and I thought I lost it.  Then I was mad and decided not to retype the post until now.  And then, a pleasant surprise!  It was saved in Blogger!  Good job Blogger!!  Now, on to the post...

I know I'm late with these pictures but since the power came back on, our internet has been a little wonky and hasn't always been working.  Hopefully these will post!

June 29th was my graduation for my Master's program.  Technically, I graduate in August but the program has their own ceremony for the participants in June.  It was really nice!  Each group in the program got to stand up and walk across the stage while receiving a certificate saying that we participated in the program.  All throughout the ceremony they were cautious to say that we were "graduates" or "completed the program" since it isn't official until August, so that was a little intimidating.  As we walked across the stage, everyone got a balloon and at the end of the ceremony, we all released our balloons (inside of course!)  Then it was time for pictures and cake!

After the celebration dinner, Ben and I went to let the dog out that we were dog-sitting and on our way home, we saw some lightening in the distance.  Thinking nothing of it, we went home and about 10 minutes later, a ferocious storm came through the area.  Our lights blinked on and off for about five minutes before going out completely.  The tree branches were blowing violently sideways and the thunder and lightening was so bad that we kept ourselves away from the windows.  The storm only lasted about an hour but it was vicious.  We didn't get power back until Monday night and others didn't get any until this past weekend!  Our apartment got up to 85 degrees and it was hard sleeping at night!  But, we thankfully got power back after only 3 days and didn't have any damage.

The infamous balloons

Dr. Snell, the Dean of the College of Education

The student speaker (who was a really good speaker)

Waiting to walk the stage!  It was weird being second to walk instead of in the middle!

Checking out my "certificate of participation"....soooo anti-climatic

My cohort!  Minus 3

My handsome hubby!

My amazing parents!

My wonderful grandparents!

This was most of the damage we had in our apartment complex after the storm, besides losing power.  The tree split right in half!

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