Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ben and Lyndsey take NYC-Day 2, Part 2

Here is the continuation of our second day in New York City.  If you missed Day 1 and Day 2, Part 1, you can check them out here and here.

After seeing Phantom of the Opera, we headed back to our hotel to rest some before venturing out for dinner.  We wanted to go to the top of Rockefeller Center to see the view.  After we rested, we walked over to Rockefeller Center, which was only about 3-4 blocks away.  When we got there, one of the people working with the Top of the Rock observation deck told us that he recommended we get our tickets for 7:30pm.  He explained that by the time we got through security and got to the top, it would be closer to 8pm and sunset was at 8:20pm.  That way we could see the city in the daylight and at night!  Ben and I got our tickets and wandered around while waiting for 7:30pm to come.  While we waited, we went to a little restaurant called Heartland Brewery.  They had a bunch of different kinds of beer and really great food!

Finally 7:30pm came and we went to the Top of the Rock!  We got up there around 7:50pm and took pictures of the view, which was fantastic!  The sunset was pretty but most of it was behind clouds so you really couldn't see too much of it.  We didn't wait around for it to get completely dark because it was quite chilly up there!

Central Park from the Top of the Rock!

St. Patrick's Cathedral 

The Empire State building with the Freedom Tower to the right of it

Close up of the Freedom Tower

Riding the escalator to the next level!

Trying to get our picture with the Empire State building in the background.  Almost!

View of Times Square

Looking down from the top

"I can touch the top!"  Ben's had no trouble with this while I had to stand on my tip toes!

The buildings all lit up!  Excuse the glass reflection

Famous Top of the Rock picture.

These are just a few more pictures of NYC at night.

This was our hotel, the Michelangelo!


  1. Great pictures! Ok, I think I have commented on all of your NYC posts. :)

    1. Haha, that's okay! You're pretty much the only person who comments and one of the few who follows at all!