Monday, May 15, 2017

Spring Break, Part 2

Ben was able to take a day off during the second half of our spring break and we decided to try out a little zoo near us called the Catocin Wildlife Preserve & Zoo.  It was the perfect size for toddlers!  We took a few hours to explore the zoo but we were able to take our time and see everything that was open.    We decided to try the wagon this time instead of the stroller and while it was a pain sometimes to pull on the unpaved pathways, I think it was easier to maneuver than the stroller would have been.  Plus the girls were able to see all around them instead of just straight ahead.  They loved riding in their wagon!


So cool

Natalie in green, Noelle in white.

Wild pigs!

Alligators...who were really close to us.  Like 3 feet away.  I was questioning the strength of that wire fence that separated us.

We bought two food cups for the girls to feed some animals.

I love the expression on her face!

Natalie loved feeding the animals.  Noelle just threw the food at them.  She didn't want any animal eating out of her hand!

Our tour guide telling us about the upcoming animals.


We waited to feed the animals as we were leaving which we realized was a mistake.  All the animals were full by then!

We're trying to feed some deer (I know, they look like goats but they were deer) and no one wanted our food!

Here's a video I took of the girls trying to feed the deer. Not sure if it will work!

The girls were quite offended that the animals didn't want their food.  Especially Natalie.  She kept yelling, "Hey goat, I have food for you!" and then threw the pellets at them.


After our trip, Daddy bought them each a stuffed animal, which took approximately 10 minutes to decide on.  We ended up coming home with an Arctic Fox and a Sloth Bear.  I'm all about stuffed animals but I loved how this zoo had a wide variety of animals, ones you wouldn't normally see in a store, like a sloth bear or an anteater!

The zoo also had a safari that you could go on and feed more animals, like zebras!  Unfortunately it wasn't open when we went so we're hoping to go back this summer and try the safari out!

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