Monday, May 8, 2017

April Fools and Birthdays

I feel like April flew by...wasn't it just last week that we were ringing in 2017???  We were really busy in April and were still working on unpacking I just never had a chance to blog.  Trying to get rid of all these boxes! (or at least hide them from sight!)

At the very beginning of April we got to celebrate my grandfather's birthday and since we celebrated on April 1st, I had to try a little April Fool's joke on everyone!  The girls have name shirts from their 2nd birthday and I switched their shirts.  I also covered up Natalie's freckle on her face and used eye liner to put one on Noelle's face.  I did it for daycare the day before and it took Ms. Sara about an hour before she noticed!  Thankfully she has a great sense of humor and found it very funny.

When we arrived at my parents house, they were busy saying hello to the girls.  After a few minutes, my mom said "Natalie"s name and then did a double take and second guessed herself that it was Noelle.  Then she realized I had switched them!  At my grandparents house, no one really noticed since the girls were playing but after awhile "Noelle" stuck her thumb in her mouth which was a dead giveaway since Noelle doesn't suck her thumb.  My grandmother noticed right away and realized our joke!  It was fun to try to trick people.

How to keep toddlers busy?  Give them stickers and paper.

The birthday boy opening his gifts!

How you feel when there are no more stickers.

Great-Mom mom to the rescue!  More stickers!


It's always wonderful to see family and celebrate birthdays!

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