Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Spring Break Part 1

Our spring break was much later this year due to Easter being in the middle of April.  While it took FOR-EVER to get to spring break, that meant we only had 8 weeks left of school after spring break!

We didn't really go anywhere for break, just stayed around the house and unpacked more.  The girls enjoyed the park near us and we got to hang out with friends during the week!  It was very relaxing and of course it sped by!

We started spring break by visiting Grammy and Pop Pop for the weekend.  The girls enjoyed playing at the park in town and seeing their grandparents!

Natalie in pink, Noelle in purple.

Grammy and Pop pop let them open their Easter baskets!

Cards are a favorite, especially if they contain stickers!



We also got a chance to meet up with friends at the park near our house and the girls had so much fun sliding on all the slides and running around.  It was warm and sunny and the perfect day to try out the playground.



Enjoying our picnic table outside!

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