Monday, May 22, 2017

Easter 2017-Part 1

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate for the sheer fact that we're celebrating Jesus and his victory over death!  Every year Easter gets to me, how one person selflessly died for the entire world.  It's amazing!

We started our Easter weekend off by dying Easter eggs together Friday night!  This was the girls' first time dying eggs and they loved it!  Ben was smart and said we should dye the eggs outside, just in case.  The girls loved drawing on the eggs with the special crayon and plopping them into the cups of dye.  They also enjoyed trying to take the eggs out with the spoon which usually resulted in some spillage.  We ended the night with only one cracked egg and one cup spilled...I consider that a win with two toddlers!

Natalie in purple, Noelle in green.

Sun=squinty faces

We celebrated Easter by going to church as a family Saturday night.  I was working in the nursery Sunday morning so we went the night before to the service.


One nice thing about Easter being in April is you're more likely to have warm weather!

Upset over something and wouldn't sit next to her sister for a picture.

Kisses to make up!

Natalie & Noelle

If anyone can make them laugh, it's big sister Riley.

 Did the video work?  Wanted to try posting one without having to go through Youtube.

tried for a sister picture outside

I just realized how long this post is becoming so I'll do Easter Sunday in a part 2 post!

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