Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy 2nd birthday Noelle!

Happy 2nd birthday Noelle Brianne!  It's hard to believe that you and your sister are TWO years old!  You are full of life and spunk and we couldn't love you more.  It amazes me how you take that 1 minute older thing to truly have the big sister personality!  You love telling Natalie and everyone else what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  You are independent and stubborn.  You know exactly what you want and can throw a great temper tantrum if you don't get it!  You have a mind of your own, a beautiful smile, and are one smart cookie.  You also love to tease us by giving us a big grin and say "Nooooooo!" when we ask for kisses but we always manage to get one from you anyways.

You love to read and count to 11, you can sing and dance to many different songs including "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Let It Go," and you don't mind getting messy.  We've entered into the picky stage of eating and I'm pretty sure you'd survive on fruit, goldfish, and cheese if I let you! 


You are picking up more and more words every day and have even started to use sentences, such as "Mommy, I need a tissue" and "Put Mickey on TV."  You love your Minnie Mouse doll, your baby doll, pushing many things in the stroller, pretending to cook, and playing with Natalie.  You also love your pacificer, or "pacy" as you call it and I am definitely not looking forward to the day we decide to say good-bye to pacy :)

These days you run more than you walk, you "read" yourself books, and I'm pretty sure you never stop talking :D (and I have no idea where you get that from!)  It's amazing to sit back and watch the two of you form this amazing relationship that no one else quite understands.  You have your own language with Natalie and you know what buttons to push to annoy her but also how to make her feel better when she's sad.  While you are now officially a toddler, you will always be my baby, my sunshine.  Happy birthday little love!


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