Friday, February 17, 2017

Disney on Ice

I wanted to share the beginning of our birthday festivities before we get too busy with packing up our house!  For our family celebration we got tickets to see Disney on Ice in Baltimore the day before their birthday.

We started the morning by going to a birthday party for Natalie & Noelle's friend from daycare.  She had her party at a place near our house called Pump It Up.  It's two rooms full of inflatables that the kids get to climb, jump, and slide on.  My students have talked about it for years now and it was fun to see what all the fuss was about!

Noelle & Natalie waiting to get in the car!

We started in the first room and the girls were a little unsure of what to do so I got in the obstacle course with them.  They were just too small to climb up the ladders and such so I gave them a boost and they had a blast sliding down the little slides.  It was really nice that the parents could go on the inflatables with the kids.

After about 20 minutes in the first room, we moved to the second room for different inflatables.  By now the girls were getting tired and didn't really want to jump on anything.  They did like the air cannon and shooting the balls at each other!


After another 20 minutes the party moved into the party room for donuts and milk.  We had to leave then to make it to Baltimore on time so we got some donuts for the road.

We ended up timing it pretty well and got to our seats just as the show was starting.  The hosts of the show were Mickey and Minnie of course!  Both girls got VERY excited to see them and kept pointing and saying "It's Mickey, it's Minnie!"  After they introduced the show the skaters came out and did different Disney stories in a very shortened version.  These stories all had to do with the princesses and while the girls aren't quite into the Disney princesses yet, they got excited when Mickey & Minnie came out in between each story.

We were hoping the girls would sit in our laps for the show but that only lasted about 15 minutes.  So we got them some fries and that helped.  Noelle decided to stand in the aisle and enjoyed dancing and holding her fries.  Natalie joined her later in the show and they kept dancing, sitting down on the steps, standing up, etc.  Being antsy toddlers.  Thankfully everyone around us just smiled and were probably reliving the toddler days with their children.

Mommy and Noelle

Mommy & Natalie

Fries in hand

The girls made it almost to the end when Natalie dropped her fries everywhere.  She had a meltdown when I wouldn't let her eat the fries off of the floor.  At the same time Anna and Elsa came onto the rink to sing "Let It Go" which distracted them and right after that we grabbed the diaper bag and left before she could remember her dropped fries.  It worked out nicely because we were able to get out of the parking garage before the masses.
Elsa dancing to "Let it Go"

All in all they did really well for their first show!  I'm glad we had aisle seats and that we (luckily) timed it that we got right there at the start and left right before the end.  It was a fun way to celebrate their birthday just the four of us!

Just to give you an idea of how much Natalie loves her sister, Noelle pushed her into a chair so Noelle was sitting in time out.  Natalie didn't want her sister to sit in time out alone so she went over and sat with her.  She's such a sweetheart!

How I felt about them turning 2 the next day.

Last family picture with one year olds!

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