Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Our First Family Trip! Part 2

If you're just catching up, check out my post from yesterday to see Part 1 of our First Family Trip where we went to Dutch Wonderland!

On Friday of our little trip we decided to visit the Strausburg Railroad Museum.  Before the trip I had told Ben to pick something for us to do and he narrowed it down to this and the Turkey Hill Experience (which included unlimited samples!).  We were going to do the Turkey Hill experience but when we looked at tickets they didn't start till 2:30pm and we wanted to be on our way home by then so the museum it was!

Enjoying breakfast!

Trying to get a picture of the two of them looking AND smiling is pretty much impossible.

And aren't their shirts cute?  My mom made them.  She's so talented!

Noelle in pink, Natalie in purple.

They loved standing in the chairs and taking turns sitting when I told them to sit.  Noelle has started to say sit but she adds an "sh" sound to the beginning...I don't know where she got that!  Ben and I crack up at it every time!

I admit, I didn't think the museum would be all that great but it turned out to be pretty cool!  They had a TON of train engines and train cars.  I kept telling Ben that I didn't realize how huge they were!  I felt very small standing next to them.  The museum had several cars open so you could walk through and see the inside. 

We finally saw a buggy on the way to the museum!

At the railroad museum.

This car was really old.

This train was my favorite!  It was so pretty and patriotic.  From the 1800s and only two were ever made!

Checking out the inside of the train!

It's a hearse! 

The underneath of a train.  I thought it was going to be more exciting.

This train was so small compared to the others.

There was an outdoor train yard too but the trains were newer and not that exciting.

They didn't really care about the trains, just the Cheerios.

Family picture with the trains!

A little out of order but this one was once we made it back home.


Across from the museum was an actual train you could ride.  We're hoping to go back in a few years and do that because it looked really fun!  So if you're in Strausburg sometime, check out the Railroad Museum!

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