Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Beach Babes

So I think my thing is just going to be that I blog a few days to a few weeks after something happens.  So if you know we're going to go somewhere, check the blog in a week or two to read about it haha!

Well it's not summer unless we're at the beach a few times!  We always like to go for July 4th weekend and then I try to stay a few more days so I can celebrate my mom's birthday with her.  This year the weekend of the 4th fell right after our trip to South Carolina so we got home on a Thursday night and the girls and I left for the beach on Friday morning.  About 12 hours later we were back in the van, headed for my parents house.  This year I went to my parents house first and then my mom took the girls to the beach while I waited at their house for Ben to get off work and pick me up on the way.  That way he didn't have to drive by himself the whole way and it gave me several hours to myself!  No kids, no chores since it wasn't my house, nothing to do!  I watched some TV, finished my classwork for the week for my online class, went to Target, read, just relaxed!  It was so nice.

Ben didn't get to leave till around 8pm and with traffic and an accident he didn't get to me until 11pm!  It took twice as long as it usually does.  We got to the beach around 1am and were exhausted.  Ben and I shared a room with the girls so we put our amazing ninja skills to use getting ready for bed and in bed without waking them up!

The next day we went to the beach.  The weather was really nice, a little on the hot side but it was nice when you were close to the water.  The girls went to the beach last year of course but this year was completely different with 17 month olds vs. 5 month olds.  Last year they pretty much slept the entire time on the beach.  This year they did anything but sleep!  On the first day they preferred playing with the water in the bucket verses the ocean.  I think the waves and sound scared them, they wanted nothing to do with the water!  Natalie ate a lot of sand and enjoyed licking the salt water off her hands.  Noelle kept changing her mind between liking the sand and not liking the sand.  We only stayed out for about 2 hours in between naptimes.

Ready for the beach!

Noelle has the pink hat on and Natalie has the blue hat on.

First taste of sand...clearly it didn't deter her because she kept eating it!

Heading to the water for the first time!

Not happening!

Here comes the water!

Not a fan at all.

Water in the bucket is much better.

Natalie enjoyed licking the salt water off her hand...

And splashing!


Baby down!

While we waited for dinner we went back to the beach to blow bubbles. (Noelle has the star on her shirt and Natalie has the USA on her shirt)

Eating sand again.

Watching the bubbles

Grammy and Natalie

Unfortunately the next two days, including July 4th, were cloudy, rainy, and cool so we didn't get out on the beach at all.  We didn't go see fireworks because bedtime was too important to miss and since it was raining we didn't go out to catch any on the beach.

Tasting Fractured Prune donuts for the first time!

Natalie loved them.

Noelle preferred hers cut up in small pieces.

During naptime Ben and I went to play minigolf while Grammy and Pop Pop babysat.

I won by two strokes!

A cake Grammy made for the Fourth!

Family pictures on the beach.

Daddy and Noelle, Mommy & Natalie

My brother Derrike and his girlfriend Cara

Grammy and Pop Pop!

Natalie & Noelle

Done with pictures.

Grammy and her girls.
Come back tomorrow for the second half of our beach trip and lots more baby spam!

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