Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Beach Babes Part 2

We left off with a rainy, cloudy, dreary Fourth of July.  I hope the weather was better where you were!

The day after the Fourth was a perfect beach day!  Hot but not too hot, a nice breeze off the ocean and the water even looked a little bluer.  Ben left in the morning to head back home and after the girls got up from their first nap we got ready for the beach!  Getting two toddlers ready for the beach takes about an hour so by the time we got out there we only had about an hour or two before we had to go back for lunch and nap #2 but we still had fun!

This time we tried the water again and they both LOVED it!  I'm pretty sure Natalie would have run head on into the water if I had let her.  My mom and I had to keep a hand on each of them the entire time.  When we would go back up to play in the sand, they would last about 5 minutes before they would start heading back to the water.

They got these adorable chairs from their great grandparents for their birthday and we finally got to use the!

Natalie in the pink hat

Noelle in the blue hat (sitting in the wrong chairs!)

Getting it right this time.

Heading towards the ocean.


They LOVE Baby Signing Time!  It's the only show where they will watch for the full 30 minutes so I can have some quiet time.  Right now they can sign about 10 signs, which is more than they know in words!

Sunny on one side, crazy clouds on the other!

We celebrated mom/Grammy's birthday with steamed crabs!  One of my favorites!

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  1. I loveeee Noelle's bathing suit with the pair of flamingos! Super cute! Looks like the beach was a success and a lot of fun!