Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Christmas, Part 2

Christmas Part 2 started out at our house Christmas morning!  The girls got up and we brought them downstairs for presents!  Santa had also stopped by with a few gifts for them and they also got some gifts from Mommy & Daddy.  Honestly, they were more interested in eating wrapping paper but we still had fun opening their gifts!  After they opened their gifts it was nap time so Ben and I did our gifts while the girls napped.



Our first Christmas together!


After the girls napped, we got dressed and packed up to head over to Ben's parents' house.  We normally spend Christmas Day there.  We open gifts, work on a puzzle, and eat lots of yummy food!

Ready for snacks!

Natalie checking out her gift from Aunt Chessie.

Natalie & Uncle Kevin

Attacking Nana.

Natalie & Aunt Chessie

Noelle & Daddy

Aunt Chessie had to put together her gift from the girls.

Noelle loved playing with the teaspoons.

She also enjoyed handing out kisses


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