Friday, December 4, 2015

We Met Santa!

The day before Thanksgiving Ben and I took the girls to meet Santa for the first time!  We were actually able to make a reservation at our local mall which I jumped on.  A shorter line to wait in with two babies? Yes please!  When we got there, there was actually no line at all but it was packed when we left the mall! 

We weren't quite sure what to expect with the girls...they don't seem to have stranger anxiety and they love facial hair, so we thought maybe they would love Santa.  We handed them over and they just sat...and stared...and petted his beard a few times, but no smiles, no tears, nothing!  I was kind of disappointed that they didn't react at all.  Oh well.  I figure next year will be the year where they either laugh or scream!  As we left, a mom came up with what looked like a 4yr old girl and 2yr old twin girls.  The 4yr old hopped right up but the twins clung to their mom and wouldn't let go!  I think that will be our next year.

I don't know why the pictures loaded sideways...the files are the correct orientation but I can't figure out how to turn the pictures.  Just turn your head I guess!

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