Thursday, December 17, 2015

9 month professional pictures!!

The girls had their 9 month professional pictures over Thanksgiving break and I just got them back last week!  They turned out pretty good which was surprising since the girls DID NOT cooperate at the photo shoot!  It was right in the middle of the day, which should've been between naps, in between bottles, their normal happy playtime! Nope...they cried, refused to smile, even became clingy which they had never done before and haven't done since!  I was positive it was a fail but she was still able to get some good pictures of them!

Noelle in burgundy, Natalie in navy.


I think Noelle was actually crying in this photo but it kind of looks like a smile...


Noelle in yellow and Natalie in blue.  She would not let that thumb go.


Our next and last set of pictures is for their one year birthday (don't mind me bawling my eyes out over here) and it includes a cake smash!  I hope and pray that they are more cooperative and give us awesome pictures for the last one!

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