Friday, December 18, 2015

10 month pictures...Double Digits!

The girls have made it to the double digits, 10 months old this past Saturday!  Can you believe it?  In two short months, they will be a year old, which is crazy to me!  And with Christmas right around the corner it is going to fly by.  As soon as Christmas is over I'm going to have to start thinking about their party!

10 month highlights include saying "mama," "dada," something that sounds like "baboon," crawling everywhere, pulling up  on everything, being able to sit back down, standing unassisted, and walking with someone holding their hands! It won't be long until they are walking without help!

Eating breakfast before our pictures!

Look at those baby blues!


Each month gets harder and harder to get their pictures!

Noelle decided she was done (don't worry, I had a hold of her)

Double Trouble

Trying to escape

Noelle & Natalie

Trying on our antlers

Noelle the red nosed reindeer

And we had our first ponytails!  We wore them to church.

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