Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Catching Up #2

I'm back to catch-up some more from my weeks away!

I'm pretty sure this is my new favorite picture of the girls.  This was the first time they sat in the shopping cart!  They've gotten really good at sitting up so I decided to try them in the cart.  Costco has room for two kids (THANK YOU COSTCO) so we tried it there and they did great!  I felt like this was as much of a milestone for me as it was for more pushing the stroller with one hand and dragging the cart behind me!

My dad has season tickets to the Ravens game and he gave us the tickets to the pre-season game against the Redskins.  We went with another couple, Ben's old roommate from college and his wife.  And I'm happy to report that the Redskins won, 31-13!

We tried avocado...this was Noelle's reaction.  Natalie loved it of course.


Snuggles with Noelle!

The girls also had their six-month check up at the doctor's office.  They were actually 6.5 months.  They took their shots like champs and only cried for about 30 seconds and moved on!  They were a little fussy later in the day but one does of Tylenol each and they were fine.  Noelle was 13.1 lbs, 25 in long, and her head was 42.5 cm big.  Natalie was 13.4 lbs, 25 in long, and her head was 42.5cm big too.  They're pretty much on par with each other every time.  Their percentiles always crack me up because they're so low.  For twins, the office goes by their corrected age, which is based on their due date.  This means that by corrected age, they are only 5 months, 17 days.  So based on their corrected age, they are 7th and 9th percentile for weight, 25th percentile for height (moved up from 12!) and 67th percentile for head circumference.  Basically they're still pretty small for their age but 1)they're twins and 2) they were late preemies so it's expected.  Their doctor said they're doing great, they're growing and gaining weight and they're healthy!

I think I'm mostly caught up now with the past few weeks so we will see if I can keep up with this!

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