Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 34!

It's amazing how time flies by sometimes, isn't it?  I feel like it was just Christmas and now February starts on Sunday!  February is also the month that we will get to meet our little girls face to face!  Since Howard County is having (another) snow day, I thought I would pop in to share a pregnancy update.  I realized I haven't actually been doing updates about the pregnancy itself, just the parties and showers and fun things!  But don't worry, we've been taking a picture every week so I will have all those to share at some point.

Yesterday marked week 34 of being pregnant!  Our doctor said the goal is 37 weeks so AT MOST we have three weeks left!  While I want these babies to stay in as long as possible, I admit I am ready for them to come out and to start feeling back to normal.  I've had a few pregnancy related fun issues, such as carpel tunnel (especially at night, ugh!), swelling (which you have more of when there are two!), and just all around uncomfortableness.  The past few days I've had a headache or two but my blood pressure has been great so the doctors aren't worried about those.  All in all, I feel pregnant and am ready to not be anymore haha!  Though I don't say that too loudly.  I'm afraid the girls will hear me and decide it's okay to come early.

I am now going to the high-risk doctor at the hospital once a week for sonograms and non-stress tests for the babies.  So far they have been passing with flying colors!  These appointments are usually in the morning and they love to sleep in because the technician has a hard time getting them to wake up and do what she wants for the sonograms.  I hope that means they'll come out being great sleepers!  I also see my regular doctor office every other week and when I went yesterday, they said I was measuring 47 weeks pregnant!  All for a good reason but no wonder I feel so large!  That's okay, not too much longer!

On the home front, we are pretty much ready for them whenever they decide to come or are encouraged to come.  Nursery is pretty much done, recliner comes this weekend, car seat bases are installed, bags packed!  Now I am just keeping up with school to make sure I am ready to leave my other 18 children for 11 weeks.

Hopefully we will have something to post soon, but the next time I'm on here, it may be to announce the birth of two insanely adorable little girls!  The next few weeks are pretty low key, staying close to home for the most part and enjoying our last days as the three of us.  Hope Riley is ready for this!


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